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Boys, I have a new strategy

2022.01.26 15:41 Devfterr Boys, I have a new strategy

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2022.01.26 15:41 bigbao_ New 2022 Forester avg MPG is displaying 11.8 mpg

I finally got rid of my car that I've driven since high school (class of 06). Picked up the Forester this past weekend and i've had driven around 50 miles so far, most of it is local driving. The Average mpg is telling me i'm getting 11.8 mpg.
Not sure if this is because it's a new car and it needs more time on the road to calculate it more accurately, at least this is what the saleman at Sabaru said when he called to check up. I've only own one car previously and it didn't have this metrics to display the MPG im getting from my driving. New tech for me.
I'm not flooring on the gas for most of my time driving this car, if anything i'm being more careful and accelerating up to speed limit as smoothly as the car allows me to. Most of the speed limit that I've driven on was around 25-35 mph and 40-55 mph. I've tested twice on pushing the acceleration on a highway on ramp to get up to speed if that makes a difference.
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2022.01.26 15:41 CastformCast Updated Lancer Loading Screens Folder + Template

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2022.01.26 15:41 bot_neen Cierre de escuelas afecta a estudiantes universitarios

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2022.01.26 15:41 qwentyfivee J’ai touché deux fois l’indemnité inflation

Une fois par mon employeur et une fois par la CAF, (je suis alternant, c’est probablement ce qui a provoqué cette erreur). Sur internet je vois qu’un site sera mis à disposition début d’année afin de se déclarer mais toujours rien à ce jour. Comment régler ça proprement ?
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2022.01.26 15:41 Slow-Management Twitch Agidon_ dosent have peace PepeLaugh

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2022.01.26 15:41 CommercialVigilante 2120 8630 7168 regice now

2120 8630 7168
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2022.01.26 15:41 Soft-Comfort-7474 So apparently Titanfolk is branded as an Alt-right sub whose users are a bunch of genocidal fanatics.

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2022.01.26 15:41 WiccanNas Billy Kaplan/Wiccan Vs Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet witch. Full potential

Wanda Maximoff full potential can fully control her chaos magic, knows witchcraft, has absorbed the darkhold which means she has infinite knowledge and is an elder goddess. It has been said that Wanda is going to become the new god of magic replacing Hecate(But I think this is a theory)
Now I will list some of her feats 1. Rewrote reality itself to make mutants the dominant species(I think she still had the power-up from the life force) 2. Has resurrected Quicksilver back from the dead. 3. With 3 words eliminated 98% of the mutant population(With an amp from the life force). 4. teleporting all of mutankind into a spaceship(With amp).
Billy is the Demiurge The Incarnation of the Power of Creation, Billy destiny is to Rewrite the Rules of Magic and all the implications of that decision are going to echo effect Timelines from Backward and Forward Across All Realities, Billy can transcend every reality/universe in Marvel, Billy is above time and reality, and the multiverse, Billy has power over all realities and all possible worlds, It was said that Billy would become the same demiurge that created the elder gods, It was also stated by Master Pandemonium that Billy's magic was similar to Wanda's meaning that he could have Chaos magic which would make sense considering that as the demiurge Chthon is his son.
Wiccan feats: 1. Demiurge Wiccan At Full Power sees Reality as Comic Book Panels 2. Demiurge Wiccan have created Utopian Parallel America Chavez’s Home World (Utopian Parallel doesn't exist within the Multiverse and is a place “Out of Time) 3. The Demiurge is the reason why there are Elder Gods such as Gaea, Chthon, Set, and Oshtur(Elder Gods Transcends Reality Itself such as Chthon and such as Gaea who made Hercules into a God that can fight the Chaos King who destroyed 98% of the Omniverse) 4. Billy is revealed to become the Sorcerer Supreme in the future after Stephen.
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2022.01.26 15:41 FanEnvironmental4817 +500 videos , 3k fotos , tugas variadas 25€ dm

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2022.01.26 15:41 GoodGuyKRIXX What are some dumb things you can’t seem to stop doing?

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2022.01.26 15:41 _PM_ME_YOUR_FORESKIN Drivers in countries with left-hand traffic: Is first gear located top-left or top-right?

1 3 5 |—|—| 2 4 (6)
5 3 1 |—|—| (6) 4 2
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2022.01.26 15:41 Low_Efficiency388 J Dong? 👀

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2022.01.26 15:41 dtgray12 Etsy YouTubers are they telling the truth?

YouTube is lettered with a lot of etsy sellers bragging about sales but are they genuine? Some of them try to hide behind the fact that they don't want to show their shop because they'll get copycats but it's hard to believe the number of sales they recieve in short timing.
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2022.01.26 15:41 Atharv02 Now in paradise

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2022.01.26 15:41 WestMagicCityMan Serena Williams

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2022.01.26 15:41 shaunoxley CAN I COVER UP A MURDER?! | Murder Begone | Free game download link in the description

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2022.01.26 15:41 charitypiephotos ITAP of an NYC Subway Station

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2022.01.26 15:41 EquivalentSnap 👁👄👁

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2022.01.26 15:41 EwaldsEiland Shitpost

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2022.01.26 15:41 ManlyShine Art by @shitsuka_ on Twitter (?)

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2022.01.26 15:41 Empty-SKLZ Rough design for the 150k plaque im gonna make! I will cut this and let you ill know!

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2022.01.26 15:41 Awesome_Lawson- Regice 1671 8189 8838 add fast 10 people

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2022.01.26 15:41 jgyasi Kanye stimulus package for The Game on Billboard Hot 100 with Eazy

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2022.01.26 15:41 Porthos76 The final game, me, Prisma, 2022

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