Hourly Wholesomeness

2022.01.26 15:31 Isbot2000 Hourly Wholesomeness

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2022.01.26 15:31 Soft_Door_2473 Opened up a vmax climax and vstar japanese booster box. Does anyone know what the charizard and arceus are worth by chance and are they good pulls?

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2022.01.26 15:31 SaoryC AnimesEspa. Hola, está es una nueva comunidad donde se comparten reseñas de anime, mangas, mêmes y demás, relacionados con el anime, está empezando y la crée con el fin de tener un lugar de habla Hispana donde compartir nuestros gustos, espero le den una oportunidad, habrá más contenido en breve :3

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2022.01.26 15:31 KayakNate Super glad I never played Battlefield 1

Well not quite never. According to Origin I played it less than an hour despite having bought whatever premium bundle that was obviously more expensive than the $60 base game. I'm guessing I tried it, didn't love the throwback to older guns and such and went back to Battlefield 4 for my BF fixes. I was also almost exclusively playing DBD.
So BF1 just didn't get the chance to impress me. But now it does, and it has. I've been so psyched for 2042. A new installment in entire map demolition with modern guns and tech. Bought something like the $100 pass, played day one, and was in awe of how empty and hollow it felt. I gave it a good try for just under two hours then decided it wasn't worth the money and refunded through Steam. As many others were, I was so let down.
Since I only got to play it for 2 hours I didn't quite get the chance to put my finger on what felt so crappy about it. It just felt....not epic. That was Battlefields' unique feature. Feeling epic. Really feeling like you're in the middle of a chaotic warzone. With maps that are leveled by the end. And greebles all over the map to make it feel real and immersive.
Then yesterday I saw a post comparing previous Battlefield basic mechanics and animations with 2042. I had to give BF1 another try after that. I owe a debt to the user that posted that video. I'm still not a fan of the old guns as much as the modern, but BF1 has the epicness I have so missed since pre BF4 games.
If anyone else has a Battlefield hole in their life since the depressing release of 2042, and never tried BF1, maybe give it a shot. If we get enough people in the US that think they'll play regularly, and miss hardcore servers, I may even rent a server for us to play on. That was always my favorite mode. Dead in 1-3 bullets instead of 3-6.
Anyways. Dice, what happened? 2042 feels cheap and shallow. Go back and play BF1 and tell me your happy with 2042...
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2022.01.26 15:31 Cerberus-276 Horizon 6 to be set in 🇨🇳? (Comment explains why)

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2022.01.26 15:31 elgueroguapo Rescue pup only wants to sleep or sprint

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2022.01.26 15:31 Comfortable_Repeat_4 Redraftables

why did he stop doing them after 2010 it was really enjoyable
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2022.01.26 15:31 ipoo6 Pavlov But I'm Bad

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2022.01.26 15:31 Specific-Panic-1902 afm interview question time limit

the title is pretty self explanatory, but i was just wondering how long i have for each question when i’m speaking? i don’t want to make my answers too long and then i run out of time. thanks in advance!
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2022.01.26 15:31 on_the_dl Installed a side-mount garage door opener

I bought a Chamberlain RJ070 garage door opener for a new house that didn't previously have a garage door opener. It was $400 when I bought it though Amazon is saying $500 now. I love it so much that I wanted to write about it! Hope this helps you.
First up, it'll only work on a garage door that is horizontal panels with a wound spring. The wire from the spring's spool must be close to the wall. Like in this picture:
You can see the big black cylinder spring (1) across the top. It is wound on a "jackshaft". The jackshaft has a spool (2) that has a wire wrapped around it (3). That wire stretches from the wall side of the spool all the way down to the bottom of the garage door. When the garage door needs to lift, the spring helps carry the weight of the garage door. A perfectly balanced garage door will sit halfway through the travel on weight alone. Seriously, don't do adjust this unless you really know what you are doing. Garage door springs are super dangerous. My garage door is not all that balanced but the motor is plenty strong for my one-car garage door.
Here's the unit: https://imgur.com/UFI5bE4.png
The big black thing is the unit. It has a motor inside. It is coupled to the garage spring with a black sleeve that has four screws (1). When the door is to be opened or closed, the motor will twist that garage spring rod.
There is also a slack sensor (2). It's a safety device. It has a spool resting on the garage spring wire. It is spring loaded and the spring is trying to draw the spool toward the wall. When the wire is taut, the spool is held away from the wall. When the motor is activated to close the door, the door will be lowered until it reaches the programmed distance, which should be the ground. If along the way the garage door hits an obstruction, the wire will go slack. That will cause the spool to be pulled close to the wall and close a contact inside that signals to the main unit that something is in the way. The garage door will re-open itself completely and then blink many times as an alert.
It also comes with a deadbolt: https://imgur.com/2v4pE0F.png
The deadbolt is mounted on the garage door's rails and is automatically operated by the motor. It retracts the bolt right before opening and places it again after closing. You can also operate it manually with the handle. It's a security device.
Of course, there are light sensors: https://imgur.com/3A1gMGL.png
They clip on to the rails and are held by friction. When they are installed correctly the lights turn on to indicate it. They are a safety device to detect if someone might be crossing under a closing garage door. If that is detected, the garage door re-opens and a flashing light alert is sent.
The unit also comes with a strong led light that you mount to the roof of your garage. It communicates with the main unit wirelessly and is also the wifi hub so that you can have internet control of the garage. All it needs is 120VAC, no other wires. It can light up the entire garage pretty well.
Here's the control panel with the button lid popped open: https://imgur.com/PsGpIsT.png
When the lid is down, the nub on the lid rests on the garage door button so that you can open and close the garage door.
Installation was not too hard. The motor is pretty heavy so attaching it overhead is kind of difficult but it's just four screws. The coupling holds much of the weight. The real pain is the wiring! There is a wire from the main unit to each of:

Getting the wires in place is the longest part. Really annoying to be hammering overhead for hours! Your garage might already be wired for it. If not, I suggest crown staples because it's fast and I think that the crown might help prevent inadvertently pinching the wire in half. The wires need to go around anything that moves in the garage door operation so you'll work your way up and around everything.
Some of the awesome features:
It took around 10 hours to install, most of that being stapling wires. The instructions are very clear except that my instructions didn't match my model of light sensor. The screws worked a little different but it was super easy to figure out anyway. The only specialty equipment that you might need is a good step ladder, the power crown staple gun, 3/8" socket wrench with extension, and the step drill bit for the deadbolt's hole. The rest you probably already have or is already provided.
I really have no complaints. Maybe the only downside is that the deadbolt action is a little loud. If it too annoying to the bedroom overhead then I could just disconnect it.
Got questions?
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2022.01.26 15:31 schnucklefritz Those who were picky eaters as kids, did it affect you today, and what do you wish your parents did differently (if anything)?

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2022.01.26 15:31 Owenros Mission across Wales Attempt 3 line review.

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2022.01.26 15:31 hyrulius2318 Jesse Killed Drew Sharp

This opinion may sound unpopular with some people, but if you look at it closely, Jesse was ultimately responsible for the murder of an innocent boy. Looking back on "Dead Freight," Jesse made it clear to Todd that absolutely no one can know that they were robbing the train. Therefore, Drew's murder wasn't at all Todd's fault. Sure, he did pull the trigger, but if he didn't kill Drew Sharp, there was a strong chance Jesse would have killed Todd for failing to follow orders. This is also why Jesse falls into a deep depression because he knows that he was the one who killed Drew Sharp all along. El Camino would have been a better movie; it showed Jesse turning himself into the Albuquerque police for Drew Sharps's murder rather than running off to Alaska.
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2022.01.26 15:31 steam1051792398 Airbnb customs service messages me to evacuate from the place due to the host find uncleanness

I found it is a great deficiency of respect to the guest and a money-making company regardless of how bad the guest will face, what a pity
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2022.01.26 15:31 gevhjjtfbh Somewhere on I-80

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2022.01.26 15:31 Swiizzles Can't interact with some objects?

As the title suggests I can't interact with certain objects and especially the 3 rings puzzle on one of the Ancient Egypt room. Any suggestions?
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2022.01.26 15:31 TOOTHEMOON_420 Brand New Gaming Channel!! Please Help out And Check us out! :)

Focusing On God Of War right now! Playing Until Ragnarok!!!
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2022.01.26 15:31 x2Palex_Official Looking for a spare internal hard drive

So you might have seen my old post about the ram sticks, well I got that sorted thanks to an absolute legend of a man, and was waiting on a hard drive to be delivered to my house, when all of a sudden amazon done fucking goofed, and never delivered it.
I've been refunded thank god, but now I'm desperate for a HDD so I can finally get my computer working.
If anyone has any spare, or for sale, I'll happily take them from you.
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2022.01.26 15:31 Human-Personality-70 Retirement cancelled!

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2022.01.26 15:31 Pooch76 Fios MoCA options: "MoCA Adapter" vs "Network Adapter" ?

Aside from the more expensive "MoCA Adapter" being 2.5gHz capable (MoCA 2.5), is there any reason to choose this over the "Network Adapter" (MoCA 2.0)? I have gigabit internet with the G3100 and E3200; they would never exceed 2.0 speeds anyways right?
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2022.01.26 15:31 __Dutchlord__ Guys, i finnaly did it

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2022.01.26 15:31 mthrfckrz Got this for trade.

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2022.01.26 15:31 Jechaih1 Unlock Sage Mode In Real Life

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2022.01.26 15:31 RandomChelsea Bois, It happened in my mid-prime pack.

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2022.01.26 15:31 Conscious_Estimate84 Got bored lololo and mad something yes

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