Anyone need help with demon souls or dsr or ds3 or bloodborn not chalices ps5 or PS4

2021.12.05 20:02 staj0106 Anyone need help with demon souls or dsr or ds3 or bloodborn not chalices ps5 or PS4

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2021.12.05 20:02 Rocinante1978 Bruna Marquezine

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2021.12.05 20:02 AlyssaSuperbike How to spawn the 2 big world fates?

Is there any info on how to spawn the world fates yet which give the elephant body and the level checker mount?
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2021.12.05 20:02 guya162 A success story

I see so many negative posts about Wellbutrin not working for people and wanted to share my “success story” of sorts. This definitely could have been a post about giving up, because I definitely thought about quitting, but I’m happy I stuck it out.
Long story short, I was on 150XL for 5.5 weeks and then moved up to 300XL. I kept a log of any side effects I was feeling and they ranged from good to bad. I had the honey moon period the first few weeks and then nothing. I even felt more depressed recently!! When I hit 6 weeks on the increased dose and didn’t see any positive changes I was so ready to give up. But then I told myself I’d wait until 8 weeks. Then I said ok I’ll wait until 10weeks and still nothing. But just last week, my 11th week on the increased dose (16th week overall) I started to realize positive changes. I was less fatigued, doing tasks I used to loath (laundry, dishes) and didn’t give it a second thought. It wasn’t like a light switch went off-it wasn’t just a 180. But all these little changes were occurring organically and I realized I was feeling better than I had in a really long time.
So if you’re feeling helpless and ready to give up on the drug, maybe wait it out a little bit longer. I’m so happy I did
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2021.12.05 20:02 godsmistakeDVXI Dm me to babecock my friends

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2021.12.05 20:02 bless3d3arbie Tips for doppler

I’m 12 weeks 4 days I just got a doppler and I cannot find the heart beat! I’m freaking myself out. What are some tips to help find it/use it.
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2021.12.05 20:02 Majesticbutter2 Ainz accidentally used his "boner" on her

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2021.12.05 20:02 hurricanemod School wellness rooms provide relief amid youth mental health crisis

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2021.12.05 20:02 wbradleyjr1 Grocery Stores In New Brunswick Can Now Ban The Unvaccinated

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2021.12.05 20:02 lawyerelect Am I truly annoying please help in analyze

I’m sorry but basically these past days I’ve been depressed. I haven’t to a point where I wanna just give up on things because I know I have much to live for but I’ve been self doubting a lot lately… So I’ve been talking to a guy for a long time and we’ve met like four times when I was in nyc( he works in nyc) I had to move away temporarily for a temp position. It was very good vibe and we had sex too. When I visited him back on my bday( yes I flew back to see him for my bday) and got dinner. Before the dinner everything was great etc but idk why after we had a dinner he acted like another person. He didn’t seem interested anymore he didn’t cuddle or do anything that night. And next morning I left and he never replied to me text. And he blocked me on ig today. I really don’t know why and what was going on…. Idk what I did wrong… it really hurt so much because I really really like him. On his bumble profile he said he was looking for relationship but he texted me once and said he’s not sure what he’s looking for and didn’t want to lead me on etc. I’m just sitting here wanting to cry… i feel it’s always like this. Whenever I met someone great and they ghosted me after a several times… I’m so depressed … please give me some advice on how to be more likable .. thank you for reading
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2021.12.05 20:02 Gregor_Samsomebody Thankyou manufacturing defects, may I have another?: A fetish for malfs.

Any other sadists out there appreciate a good ol jam once in awhile? Have a Springfield M1 Carbine that loves hoarding its ammo all jammed up in the mag. Watched a few ww2 docs & a Forgotten Weapons saying the M1C mags were meant to be disposable & if the GIs wanted to make them feed reliably after a use or two, they'd have to oil them. Now I keep mine oiled up (really does help it feed lmao) and cherish when I have to change mags unexpectedly once in a blue moon. Embrace the immersion of the suck.
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2021.12.05 20:02 jmacneil2 Today we enjoyed the snow!

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2021.12.05 20:02 Amun_RRRA My TA called me an atheist just because I don’t believe in morality

In one class I said I don’t subscribe to any sort of morality. Murder might not be inherently wrong but might be because of evolutional reasons.
In another class when we were discussing the Bible, he said: hey you’re an atheist so share your views blah blah blah.
What do you guys make of this?
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2021.12.05 20:02 Spnoble18 Who wants to FaceTime with me and my buddy, just for fun. We live in the US, let’s get drunk on ft together

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2021.12.05 20:02 Itsjustanopinionbro1 The obsession people have with women’s sexuality and our personal choices.

I made the personal decision to save myself for marriage a few years ago, and I will never understand why do many people are so obsessed with the sex lives of women to the point that people not only fetishize virgin Women, but how little respect women’s personal decisions get when it comes to our bodies.
Sometimes I feel like my bodies a battle ground because everything is always up for debate. I’m either being sexualized or scrutinized by others on and off line because everyone acts like my personal decision is somehow a reflection on all women and if I don’t do the “right thing” I’m contributing to something bad.
I want to save myself because not only am I completely uninterested in casual dating and sex and I’m tired of being sexualized because men assume they can have easy access to my body without any real commitment which is extremely important to me. Imagine my shock when I find out there’s a whole k*nk for virgins and a lot of men are into that :D…I hate ya’ll. I absolutely despise how there Is nothing I can do to escape hyper sexualization because one thing that men will always be able to do is find a way to sexualize women. Every time.
I also hate how p0litical saving yourself is. I’m sorry if you don’t think I’m “empowered” enough because I’m personally not interested in a more open lifestyle. I hate to bring this up, but not every single sexually modest woman has internalized self hatred…some people are just different and don’t feel comfortable having more than one sexual partner. It’s not puritanical when it’s the woman’s personal choice and if she wasn’t forced into making it. I hate how the debate surrounding virginity strips women of their personal choice to reclaim it.
I just hate how anything women do is either never good enough or highly criticized for no good reason.
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2021.12.05 20:02 BeenUpEatinBeans "I dont care"

Precedes to make an account and still comment on the article even though they "dont care"
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2021.12.05 20:02 King_Steve62 The History Behind: Traffic Lights (It's Surprisingly Interesting, I Swear!)

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2021.12.05 20:02 RawOysters "Ye Old Thatched Cottage", Me, Oil on Canvas Board, 2021

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2021.12.05 20:02 Forsaken_Tax_4956 I think my mom is leaving us and idk what to do

Necessary info: Me: 14 m Mom: 46(?) f Dad: 42 m They have been together about 16 years. I have two other siblings and I'm the middle child, but they aren't too relevant to this post.
Also I'm making this on a new account bc I forgot all my login info, sorry if that breaks any rules.
My parents spent a lot of time arguing since COVID pretty much. A couple times my mom would leave afterwards and come back the next day. But a little before Halloween my mom said she got a new job about 1.5 hours away and she was going to move there, and that being away would be better for her mental health. But she said that she and dad aren't getting a divorce and that she'll move back with us later. We asked when and she said she didn't know and my sister asked if it would be in the next year and she said she didn't know that either.
She only visited once since then, she stayed over the weekend after moving. And I haven't seen her since. I don't get why she would move so far away. And why she would need to go if she isn't divorcing dad. If it's just about him wouldn't it be easier to move somewhere within the city? I think they're lying and they will get divorced but idk why they would lie anyway
Tl:dr my parents fought a bunch and now my mom lives far away. She said she had to leave for her mental health
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2021.12.05 20:02 A-Superior-Being I have an randomized art generator. I figured it would only be fitting for random generated art to be drawn by randomized ai. Comment your best descriptions and I'll dm you the result!

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2021.12.05 20:02 DadOnGames Objects not appearing in finished blueprint.

I created a route with a bunch of objects placed. During the test all was good, published the race and now the objects are gone. Sometimes their hitboxes are still there (invisible, but will still stop you when you hit them) and other times theres nothing at all. Any ideas?
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2021.12.05 20:02 MichaelMania225 tryna find sheets for a bangin herbie hancock tune

Does anyone know where i could find the sheets for the song Watermelon Man? I'm legit looking at every website I can that has tenor sax sheets and it is literally nowhere.
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2021.12.05 20:02 leeran8 Huge Christmas sale use code CHRISTMAS 5% off at PayPal G&S accepted at checkout. If you have any question feel free to message me thank you.

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2021.12.05 20:02 Orange_fury Runny-nosed hippos test positive for Covid-19 in Belgium

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2021.12.05 20:02 tina-knight35 23[F4M] Small or big booty! Last time nobody likes my post:( Snp👻tinaknight35c

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