Huge L

2021.12.05 19:56 Yahdee Huge L

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2021.12.05 19:56 _Asianmemeaddict_ an lushan

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2021.12.05 19:56 telex_bot Egymás legnagyobb riválisai voltak, most kétharmaddal kezdték a kormányzást

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2021.12.05 19:56 LeafMiiro I've crafted my first "hat" in TF2!

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2021.12.05 19:56 Impress_Empress [tenant,us,ga] landlord allowing 5 more people into an already crowded home…

landlord allowing 4 kids to move in to an already crowded home …
hi f/18 , my bf is m/21 and we recently got a room. our landlord is pretty sketchy but there’s not really much i can do about it because i’ve already put down a deposit and moved in my stuff. my landlord is always using cash because he doesn’t have money on his card , asks us to cashapp him so he can give us cash (and then forgets) , he’s loud and obnoxious and stresses the whole “i don’t see you guys as tenants, everyone here is family“ which is okay but he takes the whole asking for favors thing too far.
the house situation: 1940s era house 4 bedrooms one bathroom. his daughter and her bf stay in one room, another tenant downstairs, and me and my bf. landlord is a dirty person (not to be mean) but everywhere in the house is dirty and not clean . he also smokes cigarettes inside the house . his daughter smokes blunts inside the house and so does her bf.
the house itself has a stale cigarette smell to it .
his daughter has a cousin with four kids and my landlord thought it was a great idea to move them in.
first thing that happens is they all start stomping on my bfs skateboard, i tell my roomates daughter to tell them it’s not a toy, and she comes back with an attitude going “well theyre kids” i’m 18 , if i wanted to deal with 4 two years olds i would’ve had my own kids. the mother is basically letting them just run around .
we don’t have groceries , there’s one bathroom for all of us, this is truly just hectic.
definitely learning my lesson to stay away from landlords who use the word “family” too much.
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2021.12.05 19:56 Wifeissues1 Should I leave my wife?

My wife has vaginismus, it’s a psychological blockage where 1 of 10 women have where the woman cannot open her vagina to have sex. We are together for 6 years and married almost for 4 years now. We didn’t have pre-marital sex. After marriage we tried to have sex many times. But we couldn’t. She couldn’t overcome the vaginismus situation. We got therapy together. She did exercises. She tried for some time. Then she stopped trying. We were able to have some sort of sex 5 months ago, she was ovulating, her hormones were up and she was wet and we were actually able to it. There has been nothing after that.
I tried to make her understand that I’m very very very upset with this situation between us because I love her. And I want to live with her. But this is a huge deal for me. Since we don’t have sex, we don’t have anything sexual anymore. Even kissing feels odd. She just likes to cuddle at when sleeping, at that’s it.
I cried in front of her, trying to make her understand that I don’t want to leave her. But she is not trying. She has always excuses. I’m the one always reminding her. I’m tired of reminding and when I don’t remind her she will absolutely do nothing sexual. Even when we have all the time and all the conditions are ready. I’m really tired. And I’m a very emotional person, I don’t think I can take it good after leaving. I think I would miss her a lot and our moments. My eyes are tearing up as I’m writing these but what the fuck should I really do? Don’t say be patient. Don’t say talk to her. Someone who doesn’t fix this problem in 4 years will not fix it in 8 or 16 years. Maybe I should stop being naive and just cut the ties. Give me your advices please.
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2021.12.05 19:56 Initial_Appeal_7382 Is my squat shit ?

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2021.12.05 19:56 COVIDcatsanddogs Jack has a border collie state of mind! 😂😂😂

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2021.12.05 19:56 RLCD-Bot [Artemis GXT] [Auger] [Burnt Sienna Tachyon] [Crimson Blade Wave: Inverted] [Forest Green Lightspeed]

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2021.12.05 19:56 resilience00 general brawl during a french presidential meeting #zemmour #france

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2021.12.05 19:56 post-news Woman Held in Oz Covid Camp for Weeks Despite Negative Test: Claim

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2021.12.05 19:56 rpjruh How big of a diamond should I have in my girlfriends ring?

I want it to be large enough that she’s never self conscious about showing it to another person. So what’s the perfect range?
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2021.12.05 19:56 earthboundmisfit91 Feeling optimistic

I did it! I gave my moving-out notice! I've been so miserable and stressed here, the landlords and the neighbours constantly yelling and screaming and banging and stomping, and paper thin walls making everything seem a hundred times louder. It's been so fucking hard to live with for so many months, but I stayed because I can't afford anything else. I'll be leaving in two weeks now and will have to stay at my parents house for a month or two while I save some money. Not ideal but eh…I'm feeling stoked to be getting away from this place. The sudden banging noises have been awful for my anxiety. I can't wait to it behind. The guy who broke my heart has been in this house. We walked around this neighborhood together. This city...I've been here for about fifteen years. I won't have a reason to drive here anymore after I leave. And my parents city, my hometown, I feel wrong there too but I'll leave it eventually. I want to make a break and I'm taking that first step now… It's only up from here, literally. I'll save some money and move further north or northeast like I've always wanted to. Time to give away all my furniture now…
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2021.12.05 19:56 better_eater Panaracer GK SK are they officially impossible to install since I may be seeing slight tears in the sidewall?

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2021.12.05 19:56 without_my_remorse Crypto investing succinctly explained.

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2021.12.05 19:56 crispyfrybits Does the Skadis require studs for installation?

Just hoping someone can chime in and explain how to adequately install the Skadis pegboard? I have a single large pegboard to install.
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2021.12.05 19:56 bananamano How do universities know when I sent my transcript?

Basically title. I sent my transcript to Queen's a few weeks ago, but the checklist on my application still tells me that I have to arrange for my transcript to be sent. That got me thinking: how do universities know when an applicant's education ministry sent the transcript? My name is pretty unique, so I think they'll be able to know, but if my name was John Smith or something, how does the university differentiate between the dozens of John Smiths applying? I live in Alberta if that makes any difference.
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2021.12.05 19:56 RJASSI98 PC crashes when monitor is reconnected.

I have an Eve Spectrum monitor and an LG 27GN950 monitor both 4k 144hz. I was playing Forza and the GN950 decided it wanted to blank out and recover periodically. So I thought I'd change the port on my RTX 3080. Did that and the whole thing crashed.
I just got done building a new pc with a 12900k but this is where it gets interesting. I had this happen on my old pc which was an 8700k with both a 1080 ti, Intel graphics and the 3080.
The boot drive was changed in the old build along with a lot of other parts and I even reset windows often. Is it possible something running in the background I've installed is causing this to happen? That's the only thing I can think that would be the same. Everything else is different even the monitors as I also had this happen on my old Asus 2k 165hz monitor too.
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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2021.12.05 19:56 Badawan Map is great, storyline is great, but the guns are horrendous

This chapter has great potential if next season they return the old guns. These new ones are so weak, especially the shotguns, compared to the old ones. The only good one i have seen so far is the sniper.
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2021.12.05 19:56 uaskmebefore 德国政坛对是否抵制北京冬奥会产生内讧 奥联新主席反对

德国政坛对是否抵制北京冬奥会产生内讧 奥联新主席反对 12月5日,据美国之音报道,德国候任外交部长贝尔伯克(Aaanlena Baerbock)日前提出不排除抵制北京冬奥会后,德国奥林匹克联合会新任主席魏克特(Thomas Weikert)表示反对这样的提议,认为抵制无助于解决问题。
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2021.12.05 19:56 avmedicine Three healthy foods help you maintain kidney health, liver health, and lose weight.

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2021.12.05 19:56 madduxkyle I feel like this counts. It’s my 91 Isuzu trooper with 3/4 ton Chevy axles and 37” tires on the front

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2021.12.05 19:56 Ok_Cow6926 new BD weapon

out of curiosity has anyone tested the new weapon given out from the advent calendar today? is it any good (esp for a beginner?) i never use the battle dome much and it doesn’t really interest me but i was just super curious! :3
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2021.12.05 19:56 MessiMassi Survivor San Juan del Sur - Jeremy Blindsided with Australian Survivor Music

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2021.12.05 19:56 lightningrider40 Caress of Steel Survivor: Round 3

"Though it's just a memory, some memories last forever..." The same cannot be said for Lakeside Park in this Survivor, though. A light rocker about Neil's memories of Victoria Day fairs, it's somewhat known that Geddy kind of hated it - he once said that he would cringe at it if he ever heard it. But even though it's probably not the peak of this era or even this album, it's still a very good song. Neil's drum fills are especially nimble, the riffs are alternately bright and upbeat or lush and rich, and as a whole the song perfectly captures the nostalgic feeling in the lyrics. A very respectable tune, and a shame to see it out so early. But that's how it goes on such a controversial album.

Bit later than usual posting this... I wasn't able to for most of the day, but tomorrow hopefully I'll be earlier. That does mean less time for the round though, so vote here for your least favourite of the remaining songs, and please remember to upvote this post for visibility.
Remaining Songs:

Eliminated Songs:
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