[World] - 50 houses evacuated in Derby as man arrested on suspicion of making explosives | Guardian

2021.12.05 20:38 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - 50 houses evacuated in Derby as man arrested on suspicion of making explosives | Guardian

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2021.12.05 20:38 Brickiry Zekrom adding 10 be online 0207 6198 1188

0207 6198 1188
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2021.12.05 20:38 MacaroniNJesus My clean up of a retention pond.

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2021.12.05 20:38 Dane1414 I recently bought a scuba mask. If ever there was a time for easy peel stickers…

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2021.12.05 20:38 master_latch Floppy Disk Controller on FPGA

I'm trying to write a floppy disk controller for an FPGA. That is, a component which will drive the control signals to the floppy disk drive (such as "motor enable", "write gate", etc.) to read and write data off the disk.
I removed a floppy disk drive out of an old computer and connected the ribbon cable to the GPIO pins of my FPGA board (picture). I had previously used this floppy disk drive with the computer it was in, so I am pretty confident it is still functioning normally.
Unfortunately, while there are plenty of details online explaining what the low-level formatting of floppy disks should look like, the data I'm reading doesn't match up with that, which I explain below.
The disks I'm using are standard HD double-sided 3.5" floppies (1440 KiB) which I am able to successfully read/write using a USB floppy drive. Double and high density floppies use MFM encoding, so I know exactly what bit pattern to expect, but I'm not getting that.
The data line is assert low, and should have a pulse whenever there is a change in magnetic flux on the disk. Data pulses represent 1s and the absence of a pulse represents 0 (not of the data itself but of the MFM encoding of the data). So, for example, if the disk had a data byte of 0xc1 (11000001 in binary), this would be MFM encoded as 1010010101010010 (I've put the data bits in bold and the clock bits in non-bold).
My development board has a 50MHz clock, and I count the number of clock cycles between falling edges of the data line. I then transmit all of this information to my computer over serial cable so that I can analyze it. When I read a full track of the disk and plot the timings on a histogram, I get a different distribution from what I expect.
I expect to get a distribution with clusters at 2us, 3us, and 4us (corresponding to 101, 1001, and 10001), but instead I get a distribution of like 2.8us, 7.8us, and 12us, which doesn't even have the right ratios. And what's worse, I get lots of outliers where sometimes there is a 200us delay or even more. I use a 16-bit counter to count the clock cycles and about once a sector, the counter gets maxed out at 1300us.
After looking at this data for a while, I feel pretty confident that what's going on is that when the drive tries to signal back-to-back data pulses (as in 101010101...), these transitions are not detected, and so the data stays at the same logic level the entire time. This would explain why there are these places with long gaps between data pulses; the drive is trying to send me data, but my logic is failing to see the rapid signal transitions. For some reason, I am only getting the transitions which correspond to 1001 and 10001, not 101 it seems.
In my UCF file, I specify that the inputs should use pullup resistors (I read various places such as here that this should be done). I thought maybe the pullup resistor on the input was either too weak or too strong, thus preventing the signal from switching fast enough between logic low and logic high voltages. So I tried manually putting resistors on my breadboard instead of using "PULLUP" in the UCF file so that I could control the amount of resistance. I then compared the widths of the data pulses with different amounts of resistance.
In this diagram I made, each row corresponds to a different resistance level (the vertical lines indicate microseconds). The narrowest pulses on the third row are with a resistance of 50 ohms and the widest on the bottom row are with 22k ohms.
Unfortunately, the signal still has the same gaps where expected transitions do not occur. The only thing left I can think to try is picking a different IO standard (maybe trying to use a differential standard?) but I feel like this would be totally guessing and I haven't bothered yet.
Any ideas?
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2021.12.05 20:38 Jebrawl Something about the exhibition art

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2021.12.05 20:38 darth_bernie_slayer The rocktopus demon of the ring

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2021.12.05 20:38 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Sports] - Chelsea and ‘Kerrby’ combination set standards Arsenal cannot reach | Louise Taylor | Guardian

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2021.12.05 20:38 Sad-Alternative-5617 Do you thing rage arts should be in the next game?

I feel like some lower rank players completely rely on it
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2021.12.05 20:38 Chawinyaw Quickest way to get *small* snacks?

I've been trying to get all of the items to 99/999, and the only one I'm missing are the small snacks.
Does anyone know the quickest way to get them? Doing classic mode or sending spirits out is one way, but that gives so few. I know they used to be in the shop, but I think once you've had the shop for long enough, they stop appearing.
Any help would be great!
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2021.12.05 20:38 6SATAN6HIMSELF6 Trying to afford a Christmas gift for my gf

Its not been good for my gf she used to love gaming until one of her siblings left the ps4 on for an entire day I'm trying to get a playstation they can't touch what ever you can give helps https://cash.app/$Ronniedread
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2021.12.05 20:38 TutorALEXIA HMU for: #Essay #Homework #Assignment #Online class #Research paper #Dissertation #Exam #statistics #Business #Chemistry #Math #English #Psychology #Philosophy #History Or any other academic help you may need. Email: lexieessays@gmail.com Whatsapp:+1(629)-245-4356

HMU for:
Essay Homework Assignment Online class Research paper Dissertation Exam statistics Business Chemistry Math English Psychology Philosophy History Or any other academic help you may need. Email: lexieessays@gmail.com Whatsapp:+1(629)-245-4356
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2021.12.05 20:38 AdditionalVacation14 Judge me on my kins

Katie Mitchell- Mitchell’s vs machines Will solace and Nico di anglelo- Percy Jackson Peter Parker (pre spider bite) Leo- stargirl Charlie- perks of being a wallflower Sydney and stanley- I am not okay with this
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2021.12.05 20:38 doubledutchclutch Fiancé went to pick something up before a bike ride.

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2021.12.05 20:38 Markess1 I start to hate my life... and don't know how to find happines anymore

Sorry if is a long story, i feel the need to share my feelings with someone, and you guys are the only ones that did not judge me... thank you😊.
So, my story, born in, im 24 yo pimo and got married 2 months ago with my pimi 24f wife. I was pimo the time i started to date her, and at first she seemed to be not really in which made me to look for a relationship with her. The thing is that during the relationship untill marriage, i did not have too much time to meditate, my mother in law told us to not hurry up with marriage, and that drive my actual wife crazy and also me and my parents, and everyone was pushing me to heist the marriage and not to listen to the mother in law. We end up to a speedup marriage with not knowing each other verry well( we used to live in diffrent cityes and only text 99% of time... is bulshit but now is too late...) But i realized that my mother in law was right, because there are some thing that i was not aware of, and now it seems too late. For example: my wife always complain abut how her mother did not let her to self develop or to have a job or a carrer because she pushed her to take care of her little brother which is 9yo now and she just wanted to get out of her mother house and made a living with me and so on and so. The problem is that after we fall in love, there was a first red flag: she won't move to my city where i was an engineer because she can't live 60miles away from her little brother. I was somehow disperated at that time and i did not think too much regarding this topic, and i just found a solution to find a job where she lives and to move together after marriage. I found a good job exactly when we had the weeding, everything seems ok but here is the point: As a pimo, i just don't want to waste my life and i consider that is important to work hard in order to not live a meaningless life, or short version, i'm afraid to be poor. My wife, that told me how her mother din't let her to have goals in life, after she did not live with her mother anymore, actually dont want to do anything. She don't have or want to have any job, she give up on university( she didin't go to university, not even a day, her mother pushed her to follow university but she did not want) and have no future goals. When i try to discuss with her about possibility to move to other country where the living is much better, she just don't want to hear about that, no way for her to not kiss her lil brother ass all day. When we went on honeymoon she start crying that she miss her broher even if we were out of town for 3 days, and before we went in honeymoon we sleep together with her brother at her parents home and when we return we directly go to her family. The short story is that, i am stuck in a fucked marriage, my wife love me but she have a sick obsession with her little brother and also dont want to do something in life... she just have no fucking life goal, don't want to do anything, even at home she hardly cook a meal in 8 hours. I know it was my decission, but i feel like somehow i was pushed just to marry in order to not have sex before marriage, and i cannot live a couple a months with my wife before marriage to get used to know her better. He lied to me about her mother, because she don't want to do anything in life except venting, and watching fb all day, and her mother cannot change her even is she tryed... that's why her mother told me to not hurry up about, but i don't listen to her because my wife present her mother as a little devil then, but now she cannot spend 2 hours without write to her mother or lil brother. The point is that i feel how i'm wasting my life my young and powerfull years with a person that don't want to do anything in life. She have no future plans, everything on her is all around her little brother, she don't care that we have rent to pay, that if i lose my job we are broke and so on...i have to keep all the stress on my shoulders..
she only beg all day that she have any kind of discomfort and act like a little girl with 0 maturity. I have manny options, to move in another country where i have relatives who want to help us, ot to support her to follow university in order to have a good payd job, but she seems somehow limited minded, she just start crying when i discusd with her about a job, learning english in order to move to another country or to follow the university. Here is my shitty life, and i just don't know what to do... All my family and relatives are pimi, so if i will divorce 80% of them won't support me, if i divorce i don't know if i will be able to mary a more open minded pimi because of my background, and if i marry a wordly girl, i lose my family... After marriage i also have toughts about giving up on life which i wouldn't believe my entire life that i would come to this point... Today we invited some teens from cong. to us, and i liked how all of them wanted to follow the university(even if they are PIMI) one girl told how she want to follow work and travel to visit U.S during the university, i have so good time with them, and then i returned to my meaningless marriage with my wife who don't purse anything in life except breathing and waiting for the Armaghedon like she is 80yo. Any toughts?🥺
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2021.12.05 20:38 lulzForMoney Samsung to make 2-nanometer GAA chips by 2025 to overtake TSMC

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2021.12.05 20:38 Different_Baseball13 Small white spot - should I worry?

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2021.12.05 20:38 MeNotDeaf Zyzz clothing/merch.

I am looking for some Zyzz clothing as he is a huge inspiration for me like many others here. I've come across a lot of those cheap Aliexpress shirts that are just stickers attached to shirts so I was wondering if any of y'all seen any with some neat designs.
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2021.12.05 20:38 TheCaseTheNom Rupee On Board

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2021.12.05 20:38 Ridolph Just purchased 14TB WD easystore - fails complete drive test but passes TechTool tests (OS/X Big Sur)

Still can return this, but I suspect the drive may be fine. Has anyone else seen this? Running on a MacBook Air with Big Sur.
Downloaded WD Drive Utilities. Quick Test is fine, Complete Test fails. I do hear some interesting sounds sometimes, but they may be normal. The Complete Test does not give any information on its diagnostics whatsoever, which....
TechTool Pro 12 took almost 2 days to do a full scan of the drive, and reported no errors. Files copy fine so far.
I can still take it back, but is this a real problem?
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2021.12.05 20:38 dongkey1001 Former deputy commander of Xinjiang paramilitary body accused of corruption

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2021.12.05 20:38 Thirsty_4_HentaiPics What toppings ruin a pizza?

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2021.12.05 20:38 1ZXY Wanted to share the progress I’m making on PS4/5 regarding modifications in game. Using 3rd party hardware, we can train AI (Computer Vision) to enable things like perfect recoil or rapid fire automatically! It’s currently being worked on but here I have it set in Rainbow 6 Siege

Wanted to share the progress I’m making on PS4/5 regarding modifications in game. Using 3rd party hardware, we can train AI (Computer Vision) to enable things like perfect recoil or rapid fire automatically! It’s currently being worked on but here I have it set in Rainbow 6 Siege submitted by 1ZXY to PS4 [link] [comments]

2021.12.05 20:38 Bebop_Man [Discussion] Why do some games not have that many trophies, or even Platinum?

What's stopping so many indie games from adding more trophies to the list? PSN is rife with indies that have 10 or 12 trophies and no Platinum. Or hell as many as 30 trophies yet no Platinum. Is there a criteria involving trophy count and Plats that I'm not aware of? Is it that trophies take up that much work to implement into a game, do devs have to pay for every individual trophy featured? If it's not an issue of time or money I can't think of a good reason why you wouldn't want to pretty up the trophy list of your game, which I'm sure helps sell it and can encourage extended playtime and multiple playthroughs.
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